Fisher Snow Plow Locking Device


Our Fisher Snow Plow Lock is your solution to keeping your snow plow safe and secure when it’s in storage for the summer season, or even temporarily. The ease of use with this plow lock is unparalleled by any other design on the market today. Our lifetime guarantee,and virtually indestructible design provides you peace of mind while your plow is not in use.

Add On Master Lock Receiver Pin Lock?

This product requires the use of a receiver pin lock. Would you like to include a one in your order?


Patent Applied – New Fisher Plow Lock Design!

Our outside locking device fits over the coupling/receiving mechanism of your Fisher plow. This snow plow lock requires use of an outside lock, such as a receiver pin lock, to secure it. If your lock breaks, simply replace the lock, not the entire mechanism! Make it impossible for your fisher snow plow to be stolen by always using your lock when your plow is not in use. Store it safely, and rest easy knowing no one can take off with your plow!


  • Virtually indestructible!
  • All Weather Safe ~ WILL NOT RUST
  • Solid Steel Design
  • Durable Powder Coating
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Lettering/Customization available at checkout for just $4.00 more!


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